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Class of 2012 Promoted

Class of 2012 Promoted

Class of 2012 Promoted


Promotion of Class 2012 of 1st and 2nd studying cycle occurred on Saturday, 23rd of June at University campus, starting from 07:00pm.

120 graduate and 57 master titles were awarded, derived from 4 departments of undergraduate studies and 5 masters programs, according to Bologna principles.
Also, every department of undergraduate studies announced three best students, and Ensar Mekic took the credit of the Student of Generation 2012.

IBU Rector, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem announced the award for our students Sabahudin Husić and Dženis Ejupi, who won the gold medals on Infomatrix 2012 competition in Bucharest, with their project Dry Neural Array, the control of robotic hand with brain vaves. Our students and their professors will spent 10 days on the working visit to USA and have the opportunity to see prestigeous MIT and Harvard University.

Rector Padem also used this occassion to announce the opening of Burch Research Center, which is going to be equipped with all modern technology, necessary for pleasuring curiosity of all students interested in research.

Beside the promotion of graduates and masters, entertaining program was prepared, where all guests had an opportunity to relax and enjoy.

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