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Conference ‘”Different Educational Needs”

The conference was opened by the Director of the British Council in BiH Larisa Halilović, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education, Edin Smajić and Dean of Education Faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov.

More than 70 participants had the opportunity to listen to prominent speakers; David Crabtree, Sally Farley and Noreen Caplen-Spence, who presented their experiences from the current practice in the UK of working with students who need different conditions for successful learning.
In each class, may be a child with dyslexia, dyspraxia or hyperactivity. It is neurodiversity, which lecturer should recognize and adapt their teaching process. Children who are gifted in one or more subjects and have the potential for development that is significantly ahead of the expected for their age, also have different educational needs, and this was also interpreted by the speakers.

The conference also discussed other everyday challenges faced by teachers, as well as the methods that can be used in the classroom.
The conference was attended by representatives of primary and secondary schools, universities, and non-government organizations which show that, there are people in Bosnia and Herzegovina is aware of the challenges and needs with which teachers face every day in the educational process, especially in the process of inclusion.

The conference was consisted of two interactive workshops, with Professor Crabtree and with the association EDUS from Sarajevo, where the participants of the Conference, as a function of students could identify the mutual differences in methods of acquiring presented, as well as how they can facilitate the inclusion of all individuals.

One of the outcomes of the Conference is online course for teachers, to talk about how to customize their own teaching of all pupils or students in the classroom or on working with students with different educational needs. The course will be available to a wider audience.
There are plans for other activities that will be organized on the same subject as a result of cooperation of the British Council and the Centre for Continuing Education.

Conference ‘”Different Educational Needs”