“Crash Course in Economy” Seminar held - International Burch University

“Crash Course in Economy” Seminar held

‘Crash Course in Economy’ Seminar held

Numerous students and academic staff attended the “Crash Course in Economy” seminar organized by Continuing Education Center and Business Development Club, on Tuesday, 25th of February. The seminar was realized in cooperation with NGO „Multi“from Tuzla.

Mr. Sci. Edin Smajić, Director of Continuing Education Center(CEC) addressed the present students and guests from the NGO „Multi“ giving a short introduction about the seminar consisted of three sessions: Basics of Economy, Islam and Free Market and Economic Problems of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Head of NGO “Multi”, Mr.Sci. Admir Čavalić, held first and last session of the seminar. There he explained relations between scarce resources and human needs, and the role of economy in managing the relation in between. Also, within the second part, he explained some of the main reasons of economic problems and its connection to general situation in the country, stating some ideas on how to improve conditions for individuals and community in general.

Later Mr.Sci. Dženan Smajić expressed the Islamic view of economy and social relations underlining that there is no conflict between Islam and economy. He also promoted the book written by him and Admir Čavalić entitled “Islam and Free Market”.
The conclusion of the three session of the seminar was that young people are future of this country and that study, work and struggle of individuals will be useful for them and the community at the same time. An excellent response of students showed that there is serious interest for improvement. All participants were awarded the certificate of attendance at the end. 

President of Business Development Club, Haris Magrdžija, expressed his appreciation and handed the appreciation certificate to Admir Čavalić and Dženan Smajić.