Crash Course on Islamic Banking - International Burch University

Crash Course on Islamic Banking

Main aim of the course was to familiarize the students with the basics of the topic, present current trends in the field as well as possibilities and obstacles for implementation of Islamic Banking principles. Professor Efendić encouraged students to put greater attention to this field both from academic and practical perspective. In this regards, professor Efendić pointed out that the main obstacle for development of Islamic banking in the world is the lack of skills and knowledge.

The lecturer continued by talking about Islamic economic system, financing models of Islamic banks, and other issues related to this sector. Besides professor Efendić, Mr. Benjamin Dedić, an expert from the field, took part in the course by talking about the worldwide development of Islamic banking and its current trends, as well as Mr. Anes Prentić who introduced the students with the development of the banking system and Islamic banking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through its early stages and until today. Lastly, students were introduced with the background and vision of the Centre for Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance.

The lecturers met the expectations of the audience, and, therefore, received certificates of appreciation and gifts from the Club. Also, all students who took part of the course received certificates for their attendance.