CSI-BURCH - International Burch University


As part of their Introduction to Forensic Science Lab, held by Prof. dr. Damir Marjanović, third year students conducted a crime investigation following an alleged murder (FYI, no real murder took place… but we assumed for the mystery purposes of the forensics lab…).

Students collected evidence, labeled them properly, namely following the chain of custody. Based on the findings at the crime scene they concluded that there were two possible suspects, interrogated them and compared their fingerprints to the fingerprints found at the crime scene.

Based on the found blood they concluded that the suspect had sickle cell anemia. A pedigree was made for both suspects by analyzing their family tree.

In the last part of the lab students compared the obtained DNA profile found at the crime scene with the DNA profile of the two suspects and found the murderer. Students really enjoyed this… How do we know? They attempted to arrest the found criminal……!! (even though this was not part of the lab…)