Day challenge: Super City - International Burch University
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March 9, 2020
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April 21, 2020

Day challenge: Super City

ORGANIZIERS:  Department of Architecture, IBU with support of Ministry of Education, Science and youth in Sarajevo Canton

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 26.03.2020 (via email to

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: name and surname, affiliation (name of the school/university), year of study


TIME: 10:00h – 14:00h.

LOCATION: IBU Campus (Francuske Revolucije bb, Sarajevo)

How can design as a medium influence and transform cities to adjust the use of public spaces of a contemporary metropolis – city of the future , while at the same time maintaining their identity and sense of place?

How can life be re-imagined with respect to progressive technology, and what positive impacts should this have on the space?

In what way does technology contribute to spatial quality and when does it harm these pursuits and how can design reinforce these affects, respectively?

Aiming to answer these questions you are asked to propose design solutions for six public areas in Sarajevo:

  • Bascarsija square
  • National Theater square
  • SCC square
  • Historical Museum square
  • Alipasino polje – residential public space
  • Ilidza – hotel Austria square

The theme is Super City. A successful proposal should seek to establish positive relationship between space, users and technology ultimately enhancing spatial quality.

Candidates will be grouped in respect to their diverse professional orientations, aiming to have multidisciplinary approach in suggesting solutions. All the design materials will be provided.

The participants are asked to bring good will and imagination!

Let’s create together!