Days of Architecture 2019 - International Burch University
ARC ASK Architecture Student Congress
ASK – Architecture Student Congress
May 24, 2019
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IBU.ARC Photo Exhibition
June 3, 2019

Days of Architecture 2019

ARC Days of Architecture 2019

ARC Days of Architecture 2019


Join Days of Architecture in Sarajevo, to be held 06. – 09. June 2019 . 

DAYS OF ARCHITECTURE 2019: ‘Rethinking Paradigms‘

The numerous lectures of architects presenting their work and revealing their creative credo enable the visitors to see some of the most important trends in contemporary architecture. This year’s Days of architecture will be marked by many lecturers from all over the world – architects from Japan to local regional studios – you will have a chance to see some of the most important projects of contemporary architecture.

Days of Architecture is one of the most prominent architectural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s an annual event, which includes different lectures held by local and international architects, exhibitions, movie screenings etc.

Book your tickets at the Days of architecture web site. Make sure You have Your entrance ensured and don’t miss lectures of the great names from the world of architecture!