Delila Bajrić: „Changes dawn from an individual” - International Burch University
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August 30, 2017
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September 14, 2017

Delila Bajrić: „Changes dawn from an individual”



She is the owner of a prestigious scholarship of German Foundation Schwarzkopf – Stiftung Junges Europe, which provides resources for youth from Europe, giving them opportunity to do a research, through traveling to member countries of the Council of Europe, about European identity and integrations, on topic about cultural similarities and differences, process of assimilation and integration in the new environment.

During the academic 2016/17 year, she took part in 3 Erasmus + training in Albania and Turkey on topics: „Improvement of possibilities for youth through innovations and social entrepreneurship“ and „Youth workers for inclusion youth minorities.“

As a student of Burch University in academic 2015/16, she took part in the organization of Forum on Domestic Production, where she worked on the biggest youth campaign „Buy domestic“, coordinating competition „The better quality – the more competitive market“,  thus proving her patriotism towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With „AB0 Donor“ project, which presents a sort of solution for the problem of blood deficit in health system 2015 she won the 2nd place on regional competition „Open ideas for Western Balkan“ organized by regional foundation Dokukino.

As the best suggestion for the solution of the problem in the health field in BiH, Delila presented BiH that year on World Summit Award, a global initiative of World Summit on the Information Society of the United Nations. She also got a recommendation for her work from distinguished  Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck Ph.D. president of the steering committee of World Summit Award of the United Nations. Summit is organized in partnership with key organizations and agencies of United Nations in the frame of Geneva Agenda of United Nations and Tunis Action Plan.

Having passed 4-year mentorship through „Promoting participating students in democratic reforms“ program, coordinated by OKC Banja Luka and ACED under the patronage of Europe Council and American National Foundation for Democracy NED, currently, she is in the role of educator where she works with high school students in the education sector.

As a writer, Delila’s works are published on many web platforms which gather eminent member of this community. With song „Kontra svih“, she won the 2nd place on International Rastok festival. Her songs are incorporated in platform collection „Writers for the Future“ whose holder is the Balkan literary society within the project „Dialogue for the Future“ which presents comm-initiative of The Presidency of Bih and United Nations, and which implements UNDP and UNICEF.

She works on improving youth condition in the field of education and unemployment through iniciatives, campaignes, and mentorship for youth empowering. She works as a motivator, from the aspect of encouraging the process of critical thinking.

Since elementary school, she is a part of the NVO sector. Engagement started as she was chosen to take part the in experimental project of the Pedagogical institute of Tuzla canton and organization „UHD“ Prijateljice. Through the procject, they wanted to see whether young people, with continuous work and mentorship, can become future leaders. Projects that she coordinated for her school in that time as a president of Student club of  Committee on Human Rights and Democracy and fondation Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, were youth peaceful gatherings of both entities, and participation in projects cross border coordination „Odmor od rata – izgradnja mira“ i „Koraci ka pomirenju i toleranciji kroz dijalog u obrazovnom sistemu “.

She is a volunteer in many organizations where she promotes active engagement and changes which start from an individual. She works on humanitarian projects, thinking that everyone deserves equal starting conditions and respecting the dignity of difference, and everything else is a product of work, effort, and investment in the development of personal capacities. She volunteers actively on cultural events like: Swan Lake, theatre festival MESS, Vezeni most…