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Department of Architecture
Department of Architecture

We are a vibrant multicultural community which stands out as a dynamic and creative environment of knowledge, culture and diversity.

The Master of Architecture program at IBU prepares students for leadership in professional practice, service and individual creative pursuits. It equips students with the specialized practical skills to enter and advance both the discipline and the profession of architecture.

Department of Architecture

Become an expert in the field

Students can solve the real problems from practice and continue education by becoming chief designer in architecture.

Department of Architecture


Curriculum of the Master Program (3 + 2) is realized in the course of two years and carries 120 ECTS credits.

The work plan includes mandatory and elective courses that give students opportunity to enhance their professional skills in a field of interested; through the selection of elective courses, students were given the academic freedom to the large extent influence the profile of the study program they are attending, so that is suits their tastes, talents, abilities and desires.

After the completion of the Master Program, student will gain title - Master of Architecture.

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Please see the Curriculum (Bosnian)
Department of Architecture

Innovative educational

In order to respond to the needs of the individuals and society, architects need an extremely broad education. That is why the program of architecture at IBU attempts to provide fundamental understanding of society and culture, materials and techniques of construction, the significance of the natural and built context, historical process, critical thinking and the diverse forms of creative expression.

Department of Architecture



In studying for the Master’s in Architectural Design at IBU, you will deepen the competences you acquired in the Bachelor’s program and will build on them in a personalized specialization from the department’s subject palette. Master program in architectural design at IBU is both meticulous and imaginative. It is intended to draw out the creative assets from each student while equipping them with the full range of professional skills necessary for practicing architecture.

2-year (3+2) with thesis


Interior design is one of the world’s fastest growing professions. The suggested study track of Masters program in interior design will offer specialized courses in the field, aiming to give students professional design and technical skills in areas of space planning, furniture design, and interior design. Program will insist on students involvement in real ongoing projects, participation in all design phases, and close cooperation with professionals from practice.

1-year (4+1) with thesis


Construction managers play a crucial role in the development of built environment and infrastructure by ensuring efficient and timely implementation of construction projects. Much like a specialized graduate-level degree in project management, construction management degrees are built around the ability to manage teams as well as quantitatively assess construction-centered work sites.

(2-year (3+2) with thesis)

NOTE: International Burch University – Department of Architecture offers also a Master in Architectural Design without Thesis - II. CYCLE (MASTER) (4 + 1)

We encourage you to start perceiving architecture as a way of thinking. You will be engaged in real problem-solving design processes through creative thinking and progressive critical inquiries.

Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

Head of Department of Architecture


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Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

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