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Department of Architecture
Department of Architecture

Architecture research gives you the opportunity to accurately reflect on your experiences with a social and ethical dimension

Doctoral study is aiming in developing student’s research skills through analytical investigation of architecture in the broadest sense. The PhD in Architecture offers the opportunity for expanding theoretical knowledge through one-year course load, followed by an independent research through doctoral thesis under the supervision of a departmental member of staff.

Department of Architecture

We reflect on the matters that go beyond professional competences

At the PhD Program you will:

  • get familiar with the contemporary research methods.
  • expand your knowledge and visions.
  • learn the culture and the ethics of shearing of knowledge.
  • get a chance to work in healthy scientific environment collaborating with the domestic and internationally experienced professionals.
  • develop the essential skills of analytical and critical thinking together with the necessary comparative abilities.
Department of Architecture


An upgrade of the first and second cycle studies provided a program of the third cycle studies - doctoral (PhD) studies which takes three years and carries 180 ECTS credits. Doctoral study is a unique combination of expertise, with an analytical understanding of historical and modern key phase in the history of architecture.

The most important requirement of the doctoral program is clearly defined doctoral theses, specific research methods, problem-solving ability and a successful result will be a professional and scientific contribution. Doctoral study is a contribution to the technological, social and cultural progress of society based on knowledge. After the completion of the PhD Program, student will gain the title - Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture.

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Department of Architecture

We encourage you to start perceiving architecture as a way of thinking. You will be engaged in real problem-solving design processes through creative thinking and progressive critical inquiries.

Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

Head of Department of Architecture


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Adnan Novalić

Adnan Novalić

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