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Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Professional market-adopted approach

The curriculum of Civil engineering study program is developed to satisfy the need of the real sector market, where students are firstly prepared with theoretical background, linked with experts from different fields in practice, and then doing the mandatory two-semesterly internship in both design office and contractor company.

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Different career paths

The undergraduate programs offer a variety of pathways including the Structural engineering and stability analysis, Hydrology and Hydraulic analysis, Environmental engineering, Route and roads design, flood protection analysis, and spatial planning of water and infrastructure and design.

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Real-time engineering problems
and solutions

Teaching staff is combining leading experts in real-time civil engineering real-life problems, and academicians with wealthy publications and scientific research records. Such balanced team ensures the development of students that are able to solve real problems basing on theoretical background and experts experiences.

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Facilities & Special Features

Dynamic internship programs

It will give you the exposure and experience to get your career off the ground.

Successful Mentoring Program

Individualized mentorship approach for each student.

Erasmus Student Exchange Program

Helps students study abroad for a more rounded global education experience.

Using smart engineering methods to solve real-time problems in construction practice is what we do best.

Ahmed El Sayed

Ahmed El Sayed

Head of Department of Civil Engineering


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Ahmed El Sayed

Ahmed El Sayed

Head of Department • Assoc. Prof. Dr.

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Anesa Jabučar

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Lejla Kolić

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