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Department of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology

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Master in Information Technologies is designed for IT managers who expected to grow as organizations increasingly adopt digital platforms and seek qualified people to lead their teams. Designed to provide a professional with a broad range of skills and grounding to start or further a career in Data science.

Department of Information Technology

Distance Learning Program is the key to flexible and easy-going learning processy

  • Decide when and where to study
  • Set your own pace of study
  • Pursue a job along with studies
  • Focus on your family while studying
  • Explore subjects that have always fascinated you
Department of Information Technology

The topics covered in IT course work include:

  • big data analytics and usage of big data technologies
  • cloud computing and its benefits
  • advance topics in web engineering and database organization
  • the processing of natural language and its applications
  • development of the system on a chip and real-time systems
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
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Department of Information Technology


Data Science

Data science begins with understanding and working with the core technology frameworks used for analyzing and processing the massive amounts of data and developing expertise in complex data science algorithms and their implementation.

When you say engineering, design and science, it's probably Information Technology that first comes to mind. And there is a good reason for that.
IT involves, but is not limited to, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing; algorithm design, coding and software engineering.

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Samed Jukić

Samed Jukić

Head of Department • Assist. Prof. Dr.

Anesa Jabučar

Anesa Jabučar

Faculty Secretary

+387 33 944 502


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Current Students

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Internships for academic credit add a significant workplace experience to a student's education. Students gain valuable "on the job" work experience related to a chosen focus in information technologies applications. In addition, internships permit students to interact with professionals in the fields of work in which they may one day have careers.
Students must complete 30 business-days (6 weeks) summer practices in companies working in the field of information technologies on a part-time basis (4 hours per day). If the company accepts a student for a total of 30 days (which makes around 20 business-days), the student must work for at least 6 hours per day. At the end of every internship period, students are supposed to complete at least 120 hours.

The single requirement for the acceptance of the internship is the Internship Coordinator's consent. Observations from internship must be documented and presented in the form of a clear and concise technical report (Internship Notebook), which the student brings to the Internship Committee for evaluation. The company must send two more documents to the University's address via post: Company's Evaluation of the Student and The Internship Acceptance Form. The former directly affects the student's grade from this course, whereas the latter serves as a proof and acknowledgement that the student has really done the internship.

Students are expected to learn about a real business and work environment and get involved in many aspects of the hardware and software development process. In addition, students are generally expected to:

Begin to work effectively as part of a team, developing interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving skills within a managed environment, exercising some personal responsibility.

Apply theory, techniques and relevant tools to the specification, analysis, design, implementation, and testing of a simple engineering product;

Actively participate in, reflect on, and begin to take responsibility for, personal learning and development;


Before you start your internship, you have to download the acceptance form from below and have your internship supervisor in the company fill it out. Then the internship coordinator (Naida Fatic), has to approve it.

Download CV Sample

Download Acceptance Form

Download Student Evaluation

Download Internship Notebook

For any other questions please refer to the internship coordinator.

Internship Coordinator

Internship coordinators for IT is Naida Fatic

Contact info:
Naida Fatic
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +387 33 944 491
Office: 4nd floor, No. 405

For any other questions please refer to the internship coordinator.

All students who want to defend their SDP have to submit their SDP to TA Amela Vatreš by the second Monday during exam period. Prior to that, their SDP should be approved by their mentor.

The document does not have to be printed in color and the spiral binding is sufficient.

It is necessary for students to fill out and bring the Jury Report document to their defense.

NOTE: Dear student, please be aware of all deadlines. Any kind of delays will not be taken into consideration.

Senior Design Project Thesis Proposal form

Jury Report document for Final Defense

Senior Design Project Supervisor Appointment form

Senior Design Project Paper guideline

Senior Design Project Paper template

SDP student topics

In this document you will find topics proposed for your Senior Design Project. Every mentor proposed five topics from which you should pick one that suits you best. If you have other ideas on your mind you can go to your respective mentor and propose ideas. If the idea is suitable you can work on it for your SDP project. After you agree on topics with your mentor you should fill two forms. All related details are provided in the SDP Procedure section.

NOTE: If you find that some project can be done in a team please contact your SDP coordinator before choosing the topic.

SDP Topics

SDP Coordinator

SDP coordinators for IT is Amela Vatreš

Contact info:
Amela Vatreš
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +387 33 944 481
Office: 2nd floor, No. 207