Diane Larsen-Freeman's Seminar held - International Burch University

Diane Larsen-Freeman’s Seminar held

A distinguished scholar in the field of Education, Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman from Michigan University held a seminar on Tuesday, 23rd of September 2014 at conference hall of the International Burch University. The seminar organized by Office for Scientific Research and International Relations in cooperation with The Association for Applied Linguistics in BiH (AALBiH) hosted nearly 100 language professionals, primary and high school teachers, university professors, translators and students.

Seminar topic was “Linking Grammar and Communication by Grammaring”. It was underlined that grammar is much more than knowing the rules, although this is undoubtedly part of the construct, it also involves sensitivity to usage. In fact, grammar rules are more flexible than we think. Thus, grammar is not a list of rules which can be applied to any sentence regardless of the context of use. Successful communication is marked by a skill in exploiting the grammatical resource to match the meaning. This skill is grammaring, the dynamic process of relating form and structure to meaningful units.

Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman in her interactive seminar tried to bring closer and distinguish few terms; grammar vs. communication, grammar vs. reading, procedural vs. declarative knowledge and rote vs. meaningful, as well as some known theories.

Seminar attendees participated to few interesting exercises, and question and answer part at the end, which was an opportunity for getting insight into expertize of the world class Professor Larsen-Freeman.

On behalf of the AALBiH and International Burch University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov awarded Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman with two certificates for conveying appreciation for the time spent visiting the university.