Diplomacy club organized a Study trip to Bihać for IRES students - International Burch University
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Diplomacy club organized a Study trip to Bihać for IRES students

IRES trip

Diplomacy Club, headed by Lejla Dautbašić, organized a study trip to Krajina for 20 Students from the Department of International Relations and European Studies, visiting cities of Bihać, Bužim, and Bosanska Krupa.

Students were accompanied by the Head of Department of International Relations and European Studies professor Alija Kožljak and professor Adis Maksić. The study trip took place from May 6th to May 9th and the main goal was to gain closer insight into the refugee situation in Bihać and migration issues, as well as to learn about the war of 1992-1995.


On the first day, students have visited the Mayor’s Office and talked about migrations and current plans with the Mayor of Bihać, Mr. Šuhret Fazlić. Students also had the chance to visit the museum “Privatna muzejska zbirka Dedić Mehrudina”, where they learned about the history of BiH. Students then visited the city of Bosanska Krupa and the monument on the Ćojluk hill.


On the meeting with Mr. Fazlić, students gained knowledge about migrations that are currently taking place in BiH, especially in Bihać. The topic discussed was also the economic influence of the crisis and the impact of migration on the industry in our country.

On the second day of the trip, students visited Bužim, the mosque “Stara drvena džamija”, the “505. Viteška bužimska brigada” museum and the turbeh of Izet Nanić. In the museum they had the opportunity to learn more about the history of BiH and the war which took place in the 1990s.  Students also listened to the stories about Izet Nanić, a military commander, who influenced the course of the war to a large extent.  


After visiting Bužim, students also had the opportunity to listen about migrations from IOM representatives, Nataša Omerović and Adisa Bekaj. Apart from learning about the work of IOM in BiH, and the current situation of the refugee crisis, they had a video meeting with a person who currently lives in a refugee camp in Blažuj. Before returning home, students took a break and visited a beautiful waterfall Štrbački buk.


“This trip was filled with interesting events which promote the beauties of our country, the beauty of river Una and the history. Historical cities like Bihać and Bužim left an impression on us, as we yet must discover what our country has to offer. Along with my colleagues, I have learned a lot about the current refugee crisis, about the history of different cities and their battles during the war of the 1990s in BiH.” said Tarik Čardaković, a first-year student from the Department of International Relations and European Studies.

Department of International Relations and European Studies plans to support the students and their future ideas for organizing similar events and study trips with a goal to learn something valuable and gain new experience.