Dr. Srđan Puhalo delivered an online lecture to IBU students - International Burch University
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April 7, 2020
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April 12, 2020

Dr. Srđan Puhalo delivered an online lecture to IBU students

The Department of Digital Communications and PR at International Burch University organized a lecture today by Dr. Srđan Puhalo, the most famous blogger among psychologists and the best psychologist among bloggers.

Dr. Srđan Puhalo spoke on “Media and Violence: Theoretical Approaches and Scientific Research.” Through concrete examples of animated films, video games, social networking series, he presented to students a great deal of research that was conducted to discover how violent content affects the audience. In particular, he commented on the fact that violence presented by the media affects a population of different ages. Explaining theoretical approaches to media and violence, he referred to details of daily life and media history at both global and regional levels.

Moreover, dr. Puhalo also shared with his students his experiences of communicating via social media and how the abuse of freedom of communication has made it difficult today to evaluate what is true and what is not.

“Dr. Puhalo’s lecture has helped me understand more clearly the mode of communication and violence presented through the media, all because he is able to explain the subject in the smallest detail without losing the audience’s attention,” said one of the students from the Department of Digital Communications and PR.

Today’s lecture was open to all Burch students. Students expressed their gratitude to dr. Puhalo on shared knowledge, because now they are more aware of how different media communicate violence, and they expect that in the future it will be easier to recognize violence and its impact on the audience.