Ećo Company Student Incubator - International Burch University

Ećo Company Student Incubator

Here is a short statement on the Internal Burch University and Inside Ećo Company Student Incubator:

The mission of the student incubator is to create a sustainable innovation platform through education, and market experimentation to support the formation of new companies leveraging our existing university-enterprise partnership. We do this by bringing the business community closer to the university community through the Burch Business Center (BBC).  This allows BBC member companies the opportunity to train and mentor student teams, eventually realizing investment and commercialization opportunities.  Other objectives include:  (1)  Impact the entrepreneurial orientation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing an example of successful university-enterprise partnership that also results in social benefits through the products and services provided by successfully incubated companies, (2)  Allow students the opportunity for skill building as interns at student incubated companies and BBC partner companies. Overall we aim to be the leading university and enterprise incubator in the Balkan region.