“Effective Communication and the World” by Eldin Milak - International Burch University

“Effective Communication and the World” by Eldin Milak

Eldin Milak, a teaching assistant at the English language and literature department, in collaboration with the former dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor Azamat Akbarov, recently published a textbook in the field of rhetoric and communication.

The textbook, entitled “Effective Communication and the World”, offers an overview of communication as a highly interdisciplinary field, paired with practical advice and guidance on improving the effectiveness of individual communication skills.

Over the course of seven chapters, the authors discuss communication in relation to a number of other concepts, including language, speech, gender, power, rhetoric, and the self.

The textbook is a product of lectures delivered at the English department in fall, 2015. Mr. Milak, currently away on a year-long Fulbright scholarship in the U.S., expressed particular gratitude to the students who took the class, citing them as the main inspiration for the content of the book.