Ejub Kučuk: “Entrepreneurship and StartUp as an Opportunity for Young People” - International Burch University

Ejub Kučuk: “Entrepreneurship and StartUp as an Opportunity for Young People”



Mr. Kučuk in his opening speech to the students shared his life story whose main message was “Never give up on your goals no matter how much difficult it becomes.” Young people had the opportunity to hear many of the techniques for building business success but also ways to rise after heavy falls which are inevitable.

 “Who wants to be successful must never stop learning and improving. I’m learning all my life to become better and to survive in this modern world. So be yourself, engage and learn because the only way you can succeed is if you try, “said Ejub, hoping to motivate future entrepreneurs to make better and more efficient choices in their future projects.

Mr. Kučuk as well elaborated his new startup “Content Creator App”. Kučuk is preparing to go to New York, and the reason is to present his startup “Content Creator App” chosen in the top 24 best startups in the world.

 Mita Group director will with his team present the application to investors and the media at the “Next Web” conference in November 18th, in New York. The conference is usually declared as one of the best in the world because it combines outstanding speakers, provocative performances and 100 innovative start-ups from around the world.