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EMECS-thon Competition is Finished

The competition was held in six different prestigious European universities in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Norway, Romania and, for the second time in a row, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The competition began on 5.2.2016 and lasted 48 hours. 27 students, divided into three teams, from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina participated.

The best technical implementation award went to the “Siberian Blues” team with the project “Eye-Man,” a robot that helps blind people in everyday life.

The best commercial implementation award went to the “Hackers” team with the project “Knock Lock,” which is a smart lock pad that works by recognizing different knocking patterns and provides additional safety.

The participant award went to the team “Potatoes,” with the project “Smart Thermostat System,” which is a smart answer to heating the home via a smart phone.

“Knock Lock” from Bosnia and Herzegovina was nominated for the EMECS-thon Guru award, which won the best commercial implementation award.

The EMECS-thon Guru winner was a project from the University of Southampton in which allows a robotic arm to be controled by different movements of the head.

The awards were given at a formal gala with representatives of EMECS-thon at BURCH University, sponsors, the jury, participants, organizators and many guests.

Sponsors of the project were: Authority Partners, Microsoft Would, Verlab and Red Bull.