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Rector's Note

Rector's Note


Life is a constant amazement and every new day is a unique challenge and a new chapter, as many writers are trying to describe. Every day there is a chance to get a lot, but unfortunately, to lose a lot as well.  The only thing that we gain once, and will always remain with us, what is of utmost importance and of which we can only benefit, is the knowledge.

Dear students, future professors, scientists, leaders, prosperous and good people, we are delighted that you have decided to spend the most exciting years of your life in acquiring knowledge and that you are willing to invest in your education and building brighter future. We are more than happy that you decided to give your best years and spend them within Burch team. This university, our Burch, we see as a small but stable boat, which sales through the turbulent seas of our everyday life, led by a successful and courageous crew of professors and assistants with only one goal - to worry about what is most valuable to us - our passengers, our students!
What we can promise is constant communication and exchange of opinions with your assistants, professors and elder experienced colleagues. We will share all our knowledge and experience with you and we will try to create an environment in which you will have the opportunity to, based on all offered information, create your own opinion and to demonstrate acquired knowledge and skills. Every day, every hour and every minute will be directed towards how to get you ready for new challenges and excitement that Mr. Life is preparing for you in the days to come.

In return, we ask for one thing only - give your best, be the happiest but also be the greatest at what you do! We do not ask a lot, right? At the very least do not be afraid of work, knowledge and success, because that is what everyone will ask from you and yet no single person will be able to take it away!

At the end, regardless of whether you will stay with us for a semester, three, five or eight years, know that you will be part of our Burch family for life!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanović