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Program Description

The goal of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is to:

  • Develop in students the ability to grasp the basic sciences and concepts of engineering,
  • Teach students necessary tools and engineering approach required in professional working life,
  • Give the education in electrical engineering based on ethical values within the framework of moral norms.

The profile of a student for EEE department assumes candidates who are accustomed to work very hard, possess the knowledge of basic math and physics, and perceive the electrical engineering as the area of continuing self-improvement. Besides, students with a particular interest or experience in the application of computer programs will also find the opportunity to assess their ability to do various term projects.



The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department offers a three years Bachelor Degree. The first year of the program is dedicated to the study of basic sciences and mathematics which provide the student with engineering fundamentals. Program is designed firstly to provide students with hands-on laboratory practice using state-of-the art equipment.  In addition, since the ability to design is an important part of electrical and electronics engineering, students are presented with challenging design problems in several courses. The Curriculum of the program includes elective courses, which give an opportunity to students to improve their professional skills according to their interests. Some of them are nontechnical and free elective courses, the remaining are technical electives. The requirements for a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering include the completion of minimum of 180 ECTS credits of formal course work and 30 days of approved practical training. A student then earns Diploma Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Akademska titula i stručno zvanje Bakalaureat/Bachelor - Inžinjer elektrotehnike). 



The mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to educate the students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering so that they can develop solutions to Electrical and Electronics Engineering problems and enhance their skills on design methods of electrical or electronic devices, microchips, computer hardware, , signal and image processing instruments, control, power generation and transmission systems, power equipment. It is aimed to especially emphasize teamwork, independent and innovative thinking, leadership qualities and to educate high qualified engineers for this purpose.

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