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An understanding of the field of International Relations is becoming increasingly important in today's globalizing and interconnected age. This is especially the case for small states, such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, which are highly sensitive and susceptible to different influences within the complex set of relations that we call the international system.

The changes in the international environment, such as the development of international trade, the strengthening of EU and other supra-state institutions, new security challenges and the introduction of new technologies, demand an expansion of knowledge of all spheres that shape the functioning of the state and society. Indeed, they demand a move beyond the differentiated professional studies and trainings toward a more integrated, interdisciplinary approach. Our programme is here to address these needs. It is designed for professionals who are developing their careers in the fields of state administration, the media, foreign affairs, European integrations, conflict management and who have previously completed their undergraduate studies.

The IRES Master's Programme will allow these professionals to enhance and specialize knowledge pertaining to a wide range of topics in international relations, diplomacy, conflict management and European Integrations, and critically evaluate the related issues and policies. This will be achieved through interdisciplinary work with the lecturers who have developed academic careers in related scientific disciplines. The Programme will develop both a strong theoretical foundation for understanding the contemporary International Relations and a hands-on, practical understanding of the current diplomatic practice.

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