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Sep 26, 2011

Microfinance Round Table by Dr. Milford J.B. Bateman

This is to inform you on round table that will be held at International Burch University (IBU) in organization with our partner Sarajevo Graduate School of Business (SGSB) and Texas A&M Commerce University.


Round table is free and will be delivered in English.


Topic: ``Microcredit in Bosnia – A Flawed or Failed Experiment?``

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Milford J.B. Bateman


Date: 29th of September 2011.

Time: 18:00

Place: B Block Conference Room 103 **

**In case of numerous participants, place of the event will be changed.


Please confirm participation via e-mail [email protected] or

via phone 033 943 040


Dr. Milford J.B. Bateman has been active in the microfinance research in the recent years during which period he published now a global bestseller that also initiated numerous controversies – ¸¸Why Doesn’t Microfinance Work? The Destructive Rise of Local Liberalism¸¸. Also Dr. Bateman spent a few years researching microfinance in Former Yugoslavia as well he edited another book: ¸¸Confronting Microfinance: Undermining Sustainable Development¸¸, focusing on microfinance of Western Balkans. He is one of the biggest critics of the microfinance model today. 


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