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Apr 06, 2012

English Grammar Workshop by Michael Swan (FREE!)

English Department of International Burch University invites you to attend the English grammar workshop, what will be held by distinguished scholar Professor Michael Swan, the Series Editor of Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers.

Date: 12.04.2012 (Thursday)

Address: Francuske Revolucije bb, Sarajevo 71210, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1st workshop at 10:00 am, in Conference Hall, A-block

Topic: What is happening in English, and how much does it matter? (90 minutes)

2nd workshop at 04:00 pm, in Conference Room 103, B-block

Topic: Some things that matter in grammar teaching and some that don’t (90 minutes)


*Both workshops are free to attend.


e-mail: [email protected]

phone: 033/944-424    


Professor Michael Swan works in English language teaching and applied linguistics. Major publications include Practical English Usage and Basic English Usage (Oxford University Press). His most recent books are Grammar, an introductory book on why languages need grammar and what they do with it and, with David Baker, Grammar Scan (Oxford University Press), the collection of diagnostic language tests.

Michael Swan is also the co-author, with Catherine Walter, of How English Works and The Good Grammar Book (both with Oxford University Press), and the New Cambridge English Course series (with Cambridge University Press).

His interests include pedagogic grammar, mother-tongue influence in Second Language Acquisition, and the relationship between Applied Linguistic Theory and classroom language-teaching practice. He has written articles on all these topics, and is known for influential articles on the communicative approach and on task-based learning.


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