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Oct 23, 2012

Invitation to Conference for Students - PR Arena International

Educational conference PR Arena International is organized by Apriori kominikacije, where International Burch University is a partner. It is an event that is going to gather young people of the whole region and give them an opportunity to share experience in an informal atmosphere and off course, make contacts for the future.

Since there is less than 30 days left to the event, we invite all interested people to apply for the participation online on http://prarena.ba/

DATE: 17th to 18th November 2012

PLACE: Sarajevo, Hotel Holiday Inn

TOPICS: Public Relations, Marketing, Media


Goran Milić, Al Jazeera Balkans, Program Director

Nataša Bojanić, Delta Holding, Director of Corporative Communications

Robert Čoban,Color Press Group, President

Miloš Đajić, Public Relations Association of Serbia, President

Eleonora Albijanić, Electric Power Industry of Montenegro, Director

Vanja Borovac, University of Maribor, Public Relations Officer


Cathie Burton, Council of Europe, Spokesman

Sue Folger, Internews, Director

 Amela Odobašić, Communication Regulatory Agency of BiH, Head of the Public Relations Office

Ljiljana Zurovac, Press Council of BiH, Executive Director


***All attendees get a valid certificate.

Additional info and questions about the fee and anything else: [email protected]



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