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Jan 29, 2013

Results of the Election for Student Parliament Representatives

This is to inform you that the election for Student Parliament representatives of International Burch University for the academic 2012/2013 was held on January 10th 2013, according to the Election Procedure of Student Parliament. Here are the results for faculty/ department representatives:

Faculty of Education

- Selmin Gracić                  Turkish         85
- Haris Delić                      English         44
- Fatih Jusupović               English         50

Faculty of Economics

- Haris Zogić                      Economy      18
- Sumeja Softić                  Economy      13
- Hamza Halilović              Economy      14

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

- Muhamed Bjelić            Arhitecture       52
- Suad Suljević                 IT                      37
- Hasan Emin Balkaya  Genetics and Bioengineering     20


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