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Mar 05, 2014

"How to Write a Letter of Personal Statement" Workshop

Write a personal statement that shows you'd be a great applicant!

"How to Write a Letter of Personal Statement" Workshop

Lecturer: Ms. Aleksandra Popović, American Council in B-H
Venue: 10.03.2014 at 11:00,Building B, first floor, clasroom 207

Personal statements are letters outlining general suitability for a position when you apply for a job or are applying for higher education. It can also be a statement of intent you use to communicate strategy in the improvement of a company, firm, institution, or policy in government. In any case, the language must be clear, unambiguous and support your intentions.

Most applicants haven't had to write a personal statement before, so we've got plenty of advice to help.

  • Instruction
  • Procedures
  • Structure
  • Style
  • Format
  • Goals
  • Gains

Why are you applying?
What makes you suitable?
Which of your skills and experiences are most relevant?

Join the workshop and find out more about the Personal Statements!