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Art and Emotion at the Music Corner
Nov 16, 2015

Art and Emotion at the Music Corner

For the first time, International BURCH University is opening a MUSIC CORNER which offers familiarization with the field of music to our students and staff

All those interested will be able to learn how to play a piano, keyboard, accordion, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, and bass guitar within the frameworkof classical, rock, and traditional music. The participants will have classes twice a week out of which first period will be individualized instruction (2 attendants), whereas second will be for the group of 10 participants, whereby we want to activate attendants for cultural activities, and participation on various events.

For more information, contact us by telephone +387 62 458 711; + 387 61 565 341 or by e-mail [email protected];[email protected].

We expect you!