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Apr 14, 2015

Criteria for the Evaluation of Burch Start Ups

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that Training modules of Burch Start Up are starting on Friday, April 17. Location of the training will be announced in next few days.

We have really interesting guests, lecturers and motivation speakers who will help you create and develop your ideas and write a business plan and potentially make you a winner of the final competition. For some of you this will open some new doors and opportunities.


First week      17.04.2015. at 3:30 PM  - opening ceremony 
                          18.04.2015. at 3:00 PM

Motivation speaker: Almir Mukaca, Project Manager at BIGMEV
Trainer: Dr Goran Ridjic, Professor at SSST
Topics: Entrepreneurship Spirit

               Idea Development
              The Purpose of Business Plan
              Potential Customers

After four weeks of trainings we will organize final competition where a group of experts will decide about the winning idea according to the following Criteria for the Evaluation of Burch Start Ups.


  • Business Plan

Readable, brief, incorporates training topics, and includes all suggested sections (Objectives, Product/Service and Operations, Marketing and Sales Plan, Competition, Management and Staff, Financial plan, Information and control, Risk factors and mitigation)


2.Company Culture Development

A clear distinctive company mission, vision, that is able to attract future employees and sustain growth.


  • Poster

Visually appealing, Clear and understandable presentation of product/service, Targeted marketing messages, and Creativity.


4.Qualifications of the applicant/team

Knowledge, motivation for starting the business, previous work experience (CV) and/or demonstrated projects completed as a team.


  • Example Metrics

Facebook page # of likes, collected emails of interested customers, demo webpage or prototype.



  • Attendance

Minimum 75% attendance to the workshops


Top 6 will be selected as finalists to give their presentations in front of the panel of judges on the Final Competition

Presentation phase

Ability to communicate idea, anticipate and answer questions, and demonstrate knowledge about industry and their business model. (presentation template to be provided)



All of you who applied are invited to participate in all training modules.  Good luck.
Burch Start Up Team