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English Summer School 2015
May 27, 2015

English Summer School 2015

Continuing Education Center of International Burch University organizes the English Summer School 2015 for pupils, and students who would like to improve their English, and explore the magnificent part of Europe, the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A 2 - week program offers the intensive English course, with classes at the University, and different activities planned for every day. All schedule details are defined by the Program, and include the sightseeing of Sarajevo, and trips to other parts of the country.

Students are encouraged to express their ideas, and practice the relevant vocabulary and grammar, helping to develop both their language proficiency and confidence. Lessons are taught in a student-centered environment with their active role in learning, which helps them to develop a valuable life skills in preparation for the future challenges. Before the start, students are assessed and placed to the appropriate class, according to their level of English, so they can learn at the right pace.

Beside the English, candidates will have a chance to learn and experience the Sarajevo, and its cultural diversity. Within the visits to museums, clubs and vivid landscape, Summer School candidates will see the traces of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and Ottoman Empire around the Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Summer School package includes the 30 hours of English, materials for the course, accommodation in the University dormitory, 3 meals per day, excursions according to the Program, tickets, and excursions with transportation. Certificates of participation are given to all candidates. The package fee is 850 EUR. Three terms are available:
1st term July 27 - August 9,
2nd term August 10 -August 23,
3rd term August 24 - September 6.

Please note that the number of participants is highly limited. Continuing Education Center welcomes all candidates!