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Sep 02, 2015


Graduate (Master and PhD degrees) Admission Announcement

International Burch University invites applications for admission to Masters and Doctoral degree Programs for the 2015/2016 Academic Year. Seven departments (Management, English language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Genetics, Architecture, Information Technologies, Electric and Electronic Engineering) offer PhD degrees and Masters Degrees.

1. Application is open throughout the year.

2. The applicants should have bachelor degree for master programs and master degree for PhD programs from relevant field.

3. The applicants should demonstrate their English Proficiency level.

4. All applications will be processed one time a year for beginning of the academic year

5. Application deadline (with all required documents) is September 25, 2015 for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

6. Any applications submitted after the specified deadline above will be evaluated for the subsequent academic year.

7. Master and PhD entrance exam dates (English Proficiency and Interview) will be announced on time;

8. The Applicants can apply in person in Student Affairs Office or online at [email protected]