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Red Cross BiH Started a Charity to Aid the Refugees
Aug 26, 2015

Red Cross BiH Started a Charity to Aid the Refugees

The Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina in their statement said that they are prepared in case of the entry of refugees in BiH, and are in contact with the neighboring national societies of the Red Cross in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

In recent months we have witnessed severe, often dramatic humanitarian situations happening in the countries of the region and Mediterranean countries facing difficulties in managing a large number of migrants and refugees from Syria and other countries affected by the war, protracted conflicts and human rights violations.

Red Cross BiH stated that, should they be invited from Serbia and Macedonia, to take all measures in order to adequately respond to the call.

"We made the contacts and cooperation with the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNHCR, and in accordance with the legal mandate entrusted to us launched solidarity actions to help refugees in South East Europe", according to the statement.

Humanitarian aid will be collected through the transaction account Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina opened in Sberbank BH dd Sarajevo (Account number: 140-101-11300020-18). Also, with reference to the unique humanitarian number 17003 to donate 2 BAM.