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'Social Entrepreneurship - The Balkans Challenge''- Summer School
Nov 17, 2015

'Social Entrepreneurship - The Balkans Challenge''- Summer School

International Summer School August 6 - 20, 2016


International Burch University, through its Continuing Education Center, is offering an international summer  school ‘’Social Entrepreneurship - The Balkans Challenge’’, as a diverse program to learn about  socialengagement and entrepreneurship, and to meet the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as  one of the unique societies at Balkans.

Since the country has suffered a conflict in ’90, the number of socially oriented  organizationshas risen up to today. Participants of the program will have a perfect environment to investigate the dimension of social entrepreneurship, learning how to set up one, and how to target it to effect the certain group of the society.

Furthermore, the program enables the participants to introduce with the local ethnic, religious, and mentality characteristics which will result in better understanding, and dropping the eventual prejudices. Visits to local social  entrepreneurship organizations, and exchange of the experiences with their experts are planned as a practical dimension of the program.

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina itself is a wonderful mixture of East and West, modern and traditional, where many civilizations and empires left their trace. Participants will also be able to feel the Austro - Hungarian, Ottoman, and Roman influence that is still rich in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Deadline: June 15, 2016

Eligibility: Undergraduate, Master students; minimum 7.5 GPA

Language: English

Applications: via [email protected]ibu.edu.ba (name, gender, country, telephone number)

Quota: 25 participants

ECTS: (3 credits Social Entrepreneurship, 2 credits Bosnian Language)

Certificates: Yes



Fee: 440 EUR for international participants: (50 hours, Bosnian for foreigners, business visits, tickets & trips included)
Fee for local and regional participants: 125 EUR (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania)


Questions: [email protected] / 0038733944440 

Program Details & Syllabus (click to open)

Preliminary Schedule (click to open)