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Trihard Tournament
Dec 24, 2015

Trihard Tournament

Trihard Tournament is the first BURCH competition focused on field programmable gate array (FPGA) design which is introduced to EEE department students through courses in second, third and fourth year.

It is primarily 3rd year students’ course project, but second year students are invited to join as well. The competition also serves as a warm-up for Altera’s 2016 design competition which is top world competition in FPGA design.

Students were preparing their competition entries (this year it is an artificial intelligence haiku generator) on their own in the Innovation Center, while the presentation of their work was done on December 23rd. Based on the project performance and additional programming challenge (factorials of very big numbers on FPGA) Three best teams were selected. Altera Corporation, world’s leading FPGA manufacturer agreed to donate three different FPGA boards for the winners of our competition. Captains of the top three teams received the awards at the ceremony on December 24th. One second year team received special award for their efforts shown in the competition.

Our second and third year students from both IT and EEE department had a chance to compete, show their creativity, prepare for a world competition and to win valuable awards.

Our successful cooperation with Altera Corporation will hopefully continue in years to come, and Trihard Tournament participants are encouraged once again to join the Altera’s Innovate Europe design contest 2016.


Trihard Tournament