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Workshop: Music production & DJ-ing
Nov 30, 2015

Workshop: Music production & DJ-ing

Continuing Education Centre has decided to implement a new project "Zero to Hero DJ workshop", which is an approach to music production and DJing (mixing of music) in the academic atmosphere.

The workshop is open to a wider audience and there are no restrictions on the participation, and the symbolism of its name indicates that the participants do not need to have previous knowledge.
Two experienced trainers, music producer and DJ will introduce participants primarily with the theory and practical methods and techniques of the profession. 
The project aims to provide an opportunity for young people to learn the basics of the mentioned profession in order to subsequently be able to devote the same to a professional career. Due to the wide distribution and the application of production and mixing of AV (event, advertising, film, etc.), young people, new opportunities and the Zero to Hero workshop provides an opportunity to acquire the necessary competencies.

More info at: http://cec.ibu.edu.ba/en/news/2015/11/21/zero-to-hero-dj-workshop/

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