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Jan 27, 2016

Public Announcement

Regarding yesterday's bomb report at Burch University, the University's administration decided to make a public announcement in order to additionally inform its students, parents, staff and citizens.

Namely, on January 26 2016, at 14:50, the University's rectorate received an annonymous call, stating that bomb has been placed within University's fascilities and that all the people present ought to be evacuated within one hour.

The University's Administration urgently contacted the police office in charge of Sarajevo Canton, as well as the local police station (MUP Ilidža), that promptly arrived at University's campus.

Ten minutes after the call was received, both students and employees were urgently evacuated outside the „danger zone“, whereas authorities conducted the investigation of University's campus in search of fore mentioned bomb.

After the police authorities have finished the detailed investigation of University's fascilities, they have concluded that the report about the bomb was fake.

During the investigation, BURCH University’s administration cooperated with police officials to the fullest extent. The relevant police agency has informed BURCH University officials that a suspect has been arrested and brought in for questioning. “We hope that the identity of the perpetrator, as well as the motive, will soon be made public. We also hope that government officials will, after the investigation, adequately punish all those that in any way, form, or shape tried to harm the safety and functioning of our institution,” stated BURCH officials,  they also added that:

“The safety of our students is priority number one.”