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Lecture and Discussion by Prof. Dr. Boris Koružnjak at BURCH University
May 03, 2018

Lecture and Discussion by Prof. Dr. Boris Koružnjak at BURCH University

Lecture and Discussion: Responsible Design and Management of the Sports Facilities by Prof. Dr. Boris Koružnjak will be held between 04- 06 May 2018.

We invite you to the lecture and discussion on the topic "Responsible design and management of sports facilities" organized by the International BURCH University, Association of Architects and the Planning and Development Institute of KS, which will be held on Friday, May 4, at 19:00, in the premises of the Association of Architects in B&H. The theme of the lecture and discussion is an analysis of the current and planned state and capacity of sports facilities in Sarajevo, as well as contemporary models of design, planning, and management in the region and the world.

An introductory lecture on the current and planned state of Sarajevo from the aspect of sports infrastructure and capacity, with the concentration on Trebevic’s Bob track, will be held by Aida Halilagić, B.Sc.Arch, in front of the Sarajevo Canton Development Planning Institute. 

The introductory lectures will be followed by a panel discussion and a discussion with the blunder, so we invite all interested to join us in the discussion on this important topic for the planning and development of B&H cities.

FRIDAY 4th of May

10:30 -14:30   Visits to sports facilities Skenderija and Trebević including working lunch

15:00-16:00    Lecture: Sport facilities challenges and needs III year students (location TBC)

16:00-17:00    Meeting in the Department of Architecture on IBU

17:00-18:00    Meeting with students on Master level- lecture: Capacity of the different Sport Facility services (studio 221)

19:00- 21:30   Roundtable event in cooperation with AABH and ZPR KS Sustainable and Responsible development and maintenance of the Sports Facilities AABH Premises; Alipašina 2/1 (agenda will be ready by 27 April) Partners: IBU, AABiH, Institute for Planning and development KS

SATURDAY 5th of May

11:00-13:00     Presentation/Discussion/Consultation ADVII (studio 221)

13:00-14:00     University tour

14:00-17:00     Presentation/Discussion/Consultation ADVII (studio 221)