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Apr 09, 2010

IBU Graduate Students’ Site Visit to Bjelasnica and Igman Ski Resorts


IBU Management program graduate students,  on 9th of April visited Bjelasnica and Igman ski resorts as part of their group projects.  Led by professors Teoman Duman and Meliha Handzic, students from Marketing Management and Knowledge Management courses had a meeting  with the officials from the  ZOI` 84 organization, entity that manages properties of Sarajevo 84 Winter Olympic Games.   

The ZOI’ 84 officials provided information about past and current situation of the resort. The process of winter olympics, the effects of war on site management and future plans were discussed during the meeting. Also the conversation was about marketing practises of ZOI in terms of Bjelasnica and Igman ski resorts.   

Students who were curious to find out about the services and challenges of ski resort management got insider perspectives. Also, they learned about customer profile, competition, pricing and other marketing related issues with regard to Bjelasnica and Igman ski resort.


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