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May 07, 2010

Melih Arat Conference

Dr. Melih Arat well known Turkish guru and writer of many books gave a lecture at IBU Conference hall on May of 7th.  Exceptional involvement of the students was one of the indicators for the success of the conference. IBU audience had a chance to learn about new type of organizations named after a small sea animal, Starfish. Characteristic of this organization type different from leader oriented organization structures is that starfish structure is stronger than traditional ones. Examples given by the lecturer, such as iPhone, Facebook and other examples taught listeners on the real understanding of metaphorical meaning of this word and organization. Starfish is one relatively new movement so students and also teaching staff were delightful to learn more about it. Guru Arat also told many interesting and very instructing stories collected during his international carrier. After the conference lecturer Arat received Appreciation Letter from Rector of the University. Some of the Melih Arat’s book titles are: „Future of Management“, „I am Quickly Learning How to Learn“, „Management for 21 Century“, „Unwritten rules of Management“., etc...


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