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Nov 02, 2010

Dr. Ejup Ganić visited Burch University

Prof. Dr. Ejub Ganić, President of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology on Wednesday, 3rd of October 2010, paid a visit to Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem, our University Rector and discussed common interest educational issues and cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem, IBU Rector together with Mr. Fatih Gursoy, General Director of Bosna Sema Educational Institutions and Mr. Orhan Hadzagic, General Secretary welcomed Prof. Ganic and his assistant for the first official visit to International Burch University. As stated this is only a beginning of a cooperation between these two young and perspective educational institution.  Dr. Ganic was pleased to hear more about Bosna Sema Educational Institutions mission and IBU`s progress and plans for the close future.

Variety of faculties and departments at two institution is shown as an excellent opportunity for joint activities and fulfilling of objectives with the most important one,  which is the quality education for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also meeting was an opportunity for discussion for joint advertising campaign of two institutions in the Republic of Turkey. Actually this would be implementation of the institutions and projects brought together by Bosnia Bank International (BBI) in order to make Sarajevo regional educational center. This goal would be achieved only by good cooperation of the institutions.

At the end of the visit Rector Padem presented Ahitname of Sultan Mehmet II the Conqueror, symbol of a protection of human rights document to Dr. Ganic.


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