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Oct 15, 2010

Conference from Sakarya University Academic Staff

International Burch University on 15th of October, Friday, had an opportunity to host academic staff of Sakarya University from Turkey.

Prof. Dr.  Türker Eroglu, Sakarya University State Conservatory Director, Assist. Prof. Dr.  Yavuz Köktan and Erol  Eroglu, faculty academic staff  together with Mahmut Yüce Taţ, Faculty Secretary, were invited to IBU in order to give conference to students of Turkish Language and Literature Department.
 Guests from Turkey gave wide range of knowledge about the position of Turkish language and culture in the region of the Balkan countries. In this regard Prof. Dr.  Türker Eroglu stressed the importance of existance of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature  within Burch University.
At the end of a conference, Sanela Karčić on behalf of students presented Ahitname to speakers, the same as Fatih Sultan Mehmed gifted to Franciscan priests in year of 1463, as a small present and memory to International Burch University.