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Dec 29, 2010

``The History of Islam in the United States`` Lecture by Mr. Ali Lejlic


On the 29th of December, Mr.Ali Lejlic, Political Officer of the United States Embassy in Sarajevo visited English Department of Burch University. He lectured a presentation on “The History of Islam in the United States”.

The purpose of the following historical survey is to present the basic realities of the Muslim Experience in the United States. Mr. Lejlic has chosen several methods of looking at these present realities and past experiences. Some of these are case studies and still others are from readings in history. Today as a community Islam is at a point where one can either succeed or fail to a much greater extent than in the past. Islamic communities in the USA have schools, professionals, Islamic centers and well-read Muslims. American Muslims try to organize into cohesive voting blocks and into strong neighborhoods and communities where the Muslims are visible and have a voice in the destiny of the greater society and to some degree in the foreign policy of America.

There are by various estimates between 7-8 million Muslims in the USA. In order to develop his theme, he divided the history of Islam in America into five eras: before 1800, 1800 - 1890, 1890 - 1910, 1910 - 1950, and 1950 - present. In summary, this historical briefing on Islam in America focused on American Muslims and Muslims that were becoming Americans.


At the end of the lecture, students asked him series of questions. On behalf of Burch University, Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Head of the English Department thanked him and presented courtesy present of Burch University.

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