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Mar 31, 2011

Head Hunting Day Opportunity from Posao.ba

Student organization Business Development Club (BDC) on 30th of March 2011 has organized second meeting and conference by Mr. Edin Mehić, General Manager of „Posao.ba“, very successful online job-hunting agency. Conference was of a great interest for academic staff and students especially for those who will graduate this year.


During the Mr. Mehic's conference, 20 selected students had an opportunity to get the first hand information about the job market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as facts on most demanding professions in our country and region. Additionally there were presented statistical data about job market, information about seeking for a job, satisfying expectations of employers and at the end a career progress requirements. On the other hand, our guest gave few hints to students, about most common mistakes that job applicants are making.



„I see the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in small companies“, are the words of Mr. Mehić, who tried to encourage students to think about themselves as future employers, and not just being employees. Students contribution to the session was by sharing their own experiences and goals for the future, as well as possible paths toward achieving them.



Second part of the session was one-to-one interview with students, as practical implementation of all what has been said in the first part of the conference. 20 students, who applied earlier, were interviewed for engagement in the companies, whether as volunteers, interns or part-time employees.



Idea of continious cooperation in future education and promotion activities between International Burch University and Posao.ba agency is established on mutual interest, and in this regard our students will have much better chances to accomplish their goals.

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