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Sep 14, 2011

New Students Registration Process continues

During the past two days students who applied for the new academic year took the English proficiency exam and did the course registration, which is a prerequisite for official beginning of the new semester classes on Monday 19th of September.


Students who have applied for study programs at our University in the academic 2011/2012. joined the English proficiency exam, during past two and those who have achieved the requirements for English proficiency immediately started with semester course registration.



This year University offered new and modern approach in English proficiency exam, which was done online in modern networked computer lab. Afterwards, Student Affairs Office together with some of the research assistants and enthusiastic volunteer students from senior years, quickly and efficiently did the course registration for about 90 students.



Course registration process for new students is continuing and upon the completion of this part students will be ready for beginning of the new academic year and lectures which are scheduled for 19th of September.


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