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Oct 21, 2011

Seminar "The UN and the Challenges of the 21st Century” Held

Resident Representative of the United Nations (UN) in Bosnia and Herzegovina visited International Burch University (IBU) and held a seminar organized by the Linguistic Club.


Seminar on the topic of the work of the United Nations (UN), with emphasis on the activities of this organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on Wednesday, 19th of October 2011. in the premises of International Burch University. Mr Yuri Afanasiev held a seminar and talked with students about measures taken by the UN in conflict and disaster affected areas around the world.



Yuri Afanasiev, who assumed the position of the UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative of UNDP this year, gladly accepted the invitation of Assist. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Head of English Department, and members of Linguistics Club. Thus, most students of the Department of English had the opportunity to hear about the diplomatic career of this diplomat, who was at the scene, such as Rwanda and Kosovo, but also served as the USA, Croatia and now Bosnia and Herzegovina.



During the seminar, where students actively participated and expressed their opinions about the problems in countries like Rwanda and Palestine-Israel dispute, Mr. Afanasiev told about the attitudes of the UN in conflicts as these, as well as the ways of discussion on these issues and decisions on action.



One particularly important issue was the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the role of the UN in Srebrenica, where the historical facts were emotionally discussed. In the end, it was concluded that a complex organization, such as the UN has mechanisms to fight against the world's problems and how they are more or less successfully used.



Mr. Afanasiev expressed a willingness and desire that during his stay in BIH visit our University and speak with students again. At the end, on behalf of the University, professor Akbarov presented an appreciation gift to Mr. Afanasiev.


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