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Oct 21, 2011

Students of the English Department visited the U.S. Ambassador in BiH

Thirty students from the English department, together with Dr. Akbarov, were invited to visit the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo on 20th of October 2011.

The students were welcomed by Deputy Political Councilor Mr.Traver Gudie and Cultural Affairs Officer Mr. James Hagengruber, with whom they discussed about the education system in Bosnia and USA. Mr. Hagengruber informed students about the possibilities of studying in USA, as well as the help that the Embassy can provide in that. He also stated that the primary goal of such education was to enhance students’ abilities, so that, upon returning, they could help their country to a better future.  



The ambassador, Mr. Patrick Moon, joined soon afterwards, and in a relaxed atmosphere, he discussed with the students about the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the role of the US Embassy in it. Mr. Moon encouraged the students to be the ones who will change their countries, stating that a single human can make a great change. He emphasized that the U.S. Embassy is ready to help any such individual the best way they can.



Mr. Moon also stated that the international universities in Bosnia play a huge role in creating a better future, emphasizing that the U.S. Embassy cooperates the most and the best with the International Burch University. He expressed his hope that in the future that cooperation will be even more frequent, given the fact that the Burch University, with the help of the Embassy, is planning to organize 2nd FLTAL Conference coming May 2012. By the end, Dr.Akbarov proposed whether the US Embassy could organize students’ visit to the White House with their “Weekend Visitor” program. Upon departing, the ambassador took pictures with the students, and Dr.Akbarov thanked and presented him a small gift on behalf of the Burch University.   



Afterwards, the students were given a short tour by Mr. Hagengruber around the Embassy. He forwarded an invitation to all students to freely use any facilities that the Embassy can offer, including their Data Research Centre, which gathers the most recent information from around the world. Mr. Hagengruber expressed his hope that the students will visit the U.S. Embassy soon again.  


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