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Nov 03, 2011

Linguistics Club visited Al Jazeera Balkan

Ten active members of the Linguistics Club within the English Department, together with the Department’s Head Dr. Azamat Akbarov, visited the new, Al Jazeera Balkan Broadcasting Company, in Sarajevo on 1st of November


The students were welcomed by Mr. Tarik Đođić, the Director-General of Al Jazeera Balkans, who gave the students a private tour around the facilities. They were allowed to see the newest technological devices that Al Jazeera has acquired, including the fifteen meter long, touch screen in the studio, which was exclusively shown to them.  According to Mr. Đođić, the broadcasting house spent around ten million dollars on the equipment.



After the short tour, the students were joined by Mr. Edhem Fočo, to whom the arrival of Al Jazeera in the Balkan region is credited. A question and answer session ensued, where the students were informed about the chances of finishing internship, or a training program in the Al Jazeera. Mr. Đođić ensured that, while the broadcasting house is yet to air its first program, in a couple of months he'll be more than happy to offer such possibilities to the students.



Mr. Đođić emphasized that Al Jazeera is constantly searching for fresh new talents, regardless of their previous experience, as long as they posses the enthusiasm and the will necessary in this job. Dr.Akbarov proposed several training cooperation in the field of translation and to collaborate in terms of internship as well. Mr. Đođić said that this broadcasting house would be very glad if in the near future several students from the International Burch University would finish their internship in their facilities, in the field they are most interested in. He also stated that in the nearest available talk-show programs on international education in BiH, students of Burch University will be invited. Mr. Fočo added that cooperation between the Burch University and Al Jazeera would be very welcome, since the need for language proficient and educated young people is very high, especially in the area of journalism.



Before departing, Dr. Akbarov presented a small gift to Mr. Đođić and Mr. Fočo on behalf of the University. Both of them expressed hopes to see the visiting students soon again, maybe even as an employee of the Al Jazeera Balkan.


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