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Osiguran dodatni fond za stipendije po osnovu uspjeha

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Nov 03, 2011

Humanitarian Action on the Occasion Eid ul-Adha

Guests from the Source of Hope Foundation presented the humanitarian project which will include distribution of the meat packages to a large number of refugee and low income families. The project will be implemented in cooperation with International Burch University.


On the occasion of the upcoming holiday of Eid ul-Adha, International Burc University hosted the Source of Hope Foundation representativeö who had a presentation in the conference hall on Tuesday, 2nd of November 2011. The project includes aid distribution to refugee and low income families throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is initiated by the Foundation, and will be realized with the help of lecturers and students of International Burch University.



Latif Hadžić addressed with a brief introduction on the  work of the Foundation, and explained the specific Eid ul-Adha project in detail; within it's scope large amount of meat will be distributed to refugee and low income families. Of course, as for the last year, help of Burch University lecturers and students is higly appreciated. All interested parties shall apply to their department advisors, and will be assigned to teams that will head towards Goražde, Srebrenica, Vlasenica, Tuzla, Derventa, Bihać, Sarajevo and other Bosnian towns and visit the most vulnerable families on the second day of the holiday.



Eid ul-Adha meet distribution project is a humane gesture, which is organized for the second time, and aims to help vulnerable families of all religions in order to show them they are not forgotten.

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