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Nov 09, 2011

Lecture on the Contemporary American Novel

Dr. Zvonimir Radeljković, Head of the English Department at Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo held a lecture


Invited by Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Dr. Zvonimir Radeljković, Head of English Department at the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Sarajevo, held a short lecture: „Contemporary American Novel  - How I Teach It“, on Tuesday, the 8th of November in the University conference room. Numerous students and lecturers of the English Department attended the conference.



Dr. Radeljković initially talked about his reasons and choices that led him lecturing contemporary American novel, as well as about the literature and reading culture in general. Professor Radeljković referred to the giants of American literature through the history, as well as existent overproduction of the publications and phenomenon of the bestsellers. Radeljković also mentioned a formal research on the culture of reading, and expressed the opinion that, even though research shows otherwise, the average person can read no more than 3000 books in the lifetime, in case of reading one book a week.
Furtherly, Radeljković described in detail a plan of lectures in Contemporary American Novels, class that he teaches at graduate studies. Analyzing the writers represented in the course lectures, students got lot of useful information from the history of literature and biographies of authors. Also, there was an interesting parallel drawn between the themes of literary works in which the topic of American and Western society in general is issued, with their reflection on society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After the question and answer part, Dr. Akbarov thanked Dr. Zvonimir Radeljković for his time and very enlightening academic lectures, and handed him a small gift.
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