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Nov 18, 2011

"Monetary and Exchange Rate Options During Crises" Lecture

Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina official held a lecture for students of PhD studies


Mr. Amir Hadžiomeragić, Head of the Economic Research and Statistics Department at Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held a "Monetary and Exchange Rate Options during Crises" entitled lecture on Thursday, 17th of November, for students of PhD studies at Management Department.


Mr. Hadžiomeragić firstly addresses the audience with a short introduction on the fixed and floating exchange rate systems. Afterwards he continued with explaining the differences and difficulties of choosing the monetary policy in the economy. The focal point in the process of the choosing monetary policy was the illustration of the impossible trinity with showing real experiences of different economies. Beside previous topic, Mr. Hadžiomeragić dedicated the second part of his presentation to Currency Board in BiH, as there are international students who are not familiar with details on the situation in the country.


After the presentations doctoral students were involved in a question-answer part and discussion on different economical issues with the the guest lecturer Hadžiomerović.

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